Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sculpture and Installation Work

Aspiration: an assignment from Johnny Coleman's class, "Something From Something."

For this project, I created a space in the nook below the stairwell in the art building enclosed with muslin curtains and sheets.

Lamp made of paper maché and cloth.

Inside the box: my belongings, items that create my living space.

"Up root"
Made in Nanette's sculpture class.
Materials: cloth, yarn, mod podge, latex, chicken wire for shoe shape

Gift: final project from "Something From Something"

For this project, I made three wood frame and paper lamps, one of which went to a friend, the other two of which went to my supervisors at the Lorain County Rape Crisis Center (LCRCC), where I've been volunteering for a few months. The sound element of the video/installation is an interview I conducted with my supervisors about the work they do at LCRCC. The intention behind this gift was to express my gratitude for the work my supervisors have done for survivors of sexual assault.

These objects can be viewed in darkness or lightness, but I prefer to present the installation in the dark with the flickering light inside the lamp as the only visual element the viewers can focus their attention on as they listen to the voices of the interview.

I'm having technical difficulties getting the video uploaded, but here are some images of the piece in the light in the meantime.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

2-Dimensional Work: drawings and paintings

From sketchbook:

Drawings from Susan's Problems in Drawing

Crayon on brown paper

Charcoal on newsprint

Self Portrait Series
Charcoal on brown paper

Charcoal on newsprint, acrylic paint

Close-up of #2

Charcoal on brown paper

Untitled, self-portrait
Charcoal on newsprint, watercolor pencils

Emulation Series (from Drawing From Life)

Charcoal on newsprint

Charcoal on newsprint

Charcoal pencil on newsprint

Close-up of #3

Multi-Media 2-D Work:

Bound Spine
Marker, watercolor, string, nails

Self Portrait
Acrylic and marker

Oil on wood

Oil on Canvas

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This is from our second project where I emulated Merry Alpern's series, "Windows." Below are images through the windows of conservatory practice rooms.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Geir Moseid is from Norway and currently lives in London.

Susan Meyer


Close up of "Nude-topia"

Spencer Tunick

"Mexico City (Zócalo)" 2007